Welcome to the FunRing!

Ultimately this site will be used to host the FunRing software. FunRing software will be free software for making your own webrings!

I've noticed lately that search engine results just suck. I don't know if this is because they keep tweaking the algorithms to censor stuff and that ends up compromising even uncensored things, or if these search engines just aren't as extensive as they'd lead you to believe. Either way, the way we used to do this before the big search engines was create web rings linking sites with a similar bent or interest. This seems to be a plenty viable thing because once you've found one site in an interest group, you've found them all! So I am working on writing a web ring. Cuz why not?

Meanwhile, here are a bunch of eclectic links I find interesting and you might also. Then again, you might not. Or only some of them. Some links are here because they make me scratch my head, others because they are useful or off the beaten path. That's really the whole point: re-creating an Internet that isn't just Facebook, Youtube, Netflix and Amazon.


Spencerian Penmanship Practice Sheets.
My favorite place to buy pens
A free website for learning handwriting
My favorite place to get high quality retro notebooks


Learn how to design and repair electronics
Or get am accredited BS for about $4k
Get an ABET-accredited EE degree for ~350 per credit.

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